Track Title: 『ノナの星』

Artist: 都留教博、中村由利子

Album: 星をかった日


都留教博、中村由利子 - 『ノナの星』

From Studio Ghibli’s short film 星をかった日 (The Day I Harvested A Star)

We must live.


A:TLA CHALLENGE DAY 30: Overall greatest moment
↪ Zuko stading up to Ozai

Growing up, we were taught that the Fire Nation was the greatest civilization in history, and somehow the war was a way of sharing our greatness with the rest of the world. What an amazing lie that was! The people of the world are terrified by the Fire Nation! They don’t see our greatness, they hate us, and we deserve it. We’ve created an era of fear in the world, and if we don’t want the world to destroy itself, we need to replace it with an era of peace.

Sick of tea? That’s like being sick of breathing!” (requested by anonymous Erica)




plz…lets eat some treats…

My fucking heart

i need him.

Details - Howl’s Moving Castle


The universe delivers you to me as an act of providence.

Ozai has no qualms about sparring with children.